Why Body Butters?

Unrefined raw butters are great for replenishing and locking moisture in dry skin. 

What is the difference between lotions and butters?

Lotions are water based and must be emulsified to join oil and water together. Also, preservatives are needed when making products containing water. Body butters do not need preservatives and have shelf lives of 1-3 years, depending on the oils utilized. 

Why is my butter a firmer texture than when I received it?

During winter months and depending upon how you maintain temperature in your home, butters can harden or soften due to temperature changes. During the winter, when I ship your butters to you, they are sitting in trucks and therefore may harden, especially Kokum butters. This does not retract from the nutritional values of the ingredients. This is just the nature of working with and using natural butters. 

Why did my body butter melt?

*Update* April 1st-September I will not be selling current body butter formulations. Lotion bars containing harder butters and oils will take their place. I’m afraid cross country shipping will take a toll on the nice whipped consistency I strive to deliver to my customers.

Whats the difference between Kokum, Mango, Cupuaco, Cocoa and Shea Butters?

Cocoa, Shea, Mango, and Cupuaco Butters are softer textured in nature and I prefer not to melt these butters to ensure the nutritional value of the butter is unaltered.

Kokum butter, however, is another different beast, as it is firmer and has a tendency to crumble. A natural emollient, it absorbs easily into the skin and is antibacterial and antibacterial and great for oil and acne prone skin. 

 I slowly melt this butter using the double boiler method in order to add, whip, and blend additional ingredients into this butter. During colder months, Kokum is more prone to firming up, but for the summer months, it is actually one of the best butters to ship. 

How do I use body butters?

Honestly, a little goes a long way. Everyone is different and It depends on the person's skin type. Some people absolutely love slathering themselves in my butters from head to toe, especially during cold, brutal winter months. When you receive your butter, take a fingertip full and rub on hands, arms, or feet. You'll get the feel for how much or how little you actually need. Butters are especially awesome just after a bath or shower when skin is damp. 

How long will the butter last when I apply it?

Your skin will immediately drink up the butter, especially during winter months. Some clients tell me they can apply in the morning and be good to go the entire day, while others may need to apply twice a day. Once again, it depends on various skin types. 

Why herbal infused body butters?

Herbal infusions provide extra moisturization and nutrients to the skin. I like to infuse my herbs starting at the New Moon phase until the end of that moon phase. This ensures the potency of the herbs and oils.